PUPPIES: Adoption Details

You can't buy loyalty, they say, bought it though the other day.
You can't buy friendships, tried and true. Well, just the same I bought that too.
I made my bid and on the spot, Bought love and faith and a whole lot
of happiness, so all in all, the purchase price was pretty small.
I bought a single trusting heart, that gave devotion from the start.
If you think these things are NOT FOR SALE
Buy a brown-eyed puppy with a wagging tail.

author unknown

When you decide to make a Puppy Love Labradoodle part of your family you will need to:

  • Fill out the application form. This helps us to determine which puppy will be best suited for you, your family, and your needs.
  • We will then contact you or you may contact us regarding your application. At this time we will ask you for a deposit of $350 to secure a puppy for you and we will add you to our waiting lists.
  • Puppies will be de-sexed by the time they are 8 weeks old unless you are purchasing a puppy for breeding purposes.
  • Before coming home with you, your puppy will have had a veterinary exam as well as his first shots and de-worming. We will send his health records home with you.
  • Your puppy will have a tattoo. This is to help protect your puppy and the Labradoodle breed and will serve to be able to permanently identify your puppy in case he is ever lost or stolen.
  • We will send you home will a packet of the food that he is currently eating and a pedigree.
  • You will also receive a copy of a signed contract that includes our health guarantee for 2 years from any genetic health defect. It will also indicate conditions of sale and any other important information that may apply to your puppy.

Please be open to either a male or a female Labradoodle. Our puppies are de-sexed before they are 8 weeks of age therefore there really is little difference in temperament between the males and the females. There will not have been enough time for the puppies to develop gender specific traits. Being open to either gender will most likely shorten your wait for one of our precious Labradoodle puppies.

All of our breeding stock come from lines that have had OFA testing and PRA testing. We want to do all we can to ensure that our puppies are free from any genetic defects and will have a long, happy, and healthy existence as your loving companion.

We ship throughout the U.S.A and Canada. We do all we can to ensure that the trip home for your puppy is comfortable. They usually arrive having had a good rest and they walk out of their crate wagging their tails ready to meet you. For more information on pricing and shipping please contact us.