Hello Darice, Thank you for this beautiful, handsome little guy you chose for our family. He is so sweet. We are all doing well. Still getting used to each other with a few minor bumps along the way, but only to be expected. He is a pretty calm little guy, good with the kids especially with our younger kids. He is doing well with crate and house training. He is playful and snugly and we all love him. I will send more pics. Thank you again for everything!

The Wesolowski family Calgary, Alberta May 2013


Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed the holidays. I just wanted to let you know that my little Charlie Bear is doing so well. He's absolutely fit into my life perfectly and I hate being away from him for even 5 minutes! He's a smart little guy, too smart sometimes!! Haha. He is sitting on command, will lie down usually (sometimes he is too full of energy), loves going for walks and jogs and is so good on his leash. He's experienced a lot of different people, kids and dogs already and just fits into every situation. I love that he's independent but also at times just wants to cuddle.

His crate training is going pretty well, some nights he makes it through the night but he hasn?t really figured out that he needs to cry to wake me up BEFORE he goes to the bathroom. He usually doesn?t have accidents in the house unless there are people over, and I think then he just is too excited and forgets our routine. He has a larger crate that he stays in when I'm not home with lots of room to play and even when I am home he goes in there to play sometimes, he never cries when I leave the house so I think he's already got our little routine figured out. Plus, the fact that my family comes over every day while I'm at work means he's not alone for too long at any time.

He's over 9 pounds already every morning I wake up and I swear he grew overnight. He's been really good about brushing teeth, grooming, etc. He's definitely got no fear, he went from being scared to go up one stair to running up my spiral staircase to the second story in about 5 minutes! Charlie is just the best thing that?s ever come into my life and I can't thank you enough!! Please know he is being well taken care of and loved so much by my entire family. My parents come over daily just to play with him.

Cruikshank, L – Calgary, Alberta 2015


We just wanted to let you know that you sent us an angel:)) She is the gentlest little creature that we have ever met. The whole family and extended family & friends love her! She answers to her name, and is learning to sit and fetch at rapid speed!!! She has NOT had one accident in the house and she is the Queen bee:)) She loves her new bed in the day time and then at night, she alternately sleeps with the boys, and ends up in our bed:) The Children adore her, they have never been ready for school at 0630 am in their little lives, and out in the garden to give her a run. She had her 1st Vet checkup yesterday, and they told me that she was perfect....who knew, lol

We are smitten!

Nancy, Jason, Daniel and Devon Bungay – St. Johns, Newfoundland & Labrador


M-O stole our hearts from the moment we met him. He has an incredibly gentle and loving disposition, and enjoys nothing more then cuddling up for a belly rub. He is well behaved, listening and responding quickly when most commands are given. Although tentative at first with the occasional person, he quickly befriends almost any one after given the chance to sniff them out. This is important, as M-O gets tons of attention from other people when out on walks, and many can't resist petting him and asking about his breed. He is very popular in public.

M-O's mild manners make it extremely easy to do most grooming activities. He is very patient during our ear cleaning, nail trimming and brushing. While these are not a favourite activity for most dogs and some will actively fight the process, M-O sits tolerantly and uncomplainingly.

Mo is great with children; his gentle disposition is wonderful for out nieces and nephews who love to follow him around, petting and playing with him. He eagerly accepts their attention, He is very good companions with our friends' one-year-old toddler, who loves to touch his nose, pet his tail and play ball with him.

Again, Mo's mild manners put us all at ease that these children could take a treat or toy right out of his mouth, and he wouldn't show any aggression.

As for us, as his guardians, we can't express enough the joy that Mo has brought to our lives. He is a great walker, and taking him off leash at a park always results in a jubilant game of chase. Mo loves nothing better than to be pursued, whether outside or around the house. He makes fast-friends with other dogs with playful personalities, and loves to play chase with a girlfriend next door. He also enjoys playing catch at home, and grinning up and down the stair in pursuit of a ball. Tug-of-was is often another favourite.

Lastly, we greatly appreciate Mo?s non-shedding coat. Tavis grew up on a farm with outdoor dogs, so having an indoor pet was an adjustment for him, as he didn't want to constantly be cleaning hair off of his clothes and furniture. Mo's coat is a welcome relief. We both found it hard to believe that such thick and beautiful fur doesn?t shed! This was also a plus when some relatives visited this summer. Our bother-in-law is allergic to dogs and normally wouldn't be able to stay in a house where a canine lives. With Mo, he had no problems. They went home thinking that may be and Australian Labradoodle could be the pt for them as well!

Simply put, M-O is a joy. We can't imagine life without this perfect family pet.

Tavis and Chrysalin Newman – Lethbridge, Alberta


I wanted to let you how happy we are with Milou. We could not have imagined that he would be such a great dog. He has been with us for just over a year and we adore him.

Milou has become the centre of my children's lives. They love to play, run and just cuddle with him. They hurry home from school so that they can be with him.

Milou is so easy to train. He learns quickly. He is fun just to watch. He is also so handsome and the none shedding is fantastic. We could not have asked for a better dog.

Thank you for raising such great dogs.

Alain Dumont – Lethbridge, Alberta


We are very pleased with our puppy from Puppy Love Labradoodles. Our miniature Labradoodle whose name is Teddy arrived in November 2006 by Air Canada. She was calm and affectionate even after her long airplane trip.

She is a very healthy puppy and settled well into our household of two adults and one little girl. Teddy showed a quick intelligence at dog obedience lessons and was clearly delighted to see her puppy classmates each week.

Rain or snow, Teddy loves her daily soccer game. Teddy's love of her family and the neighbours is mutual. She is easy to get along with, learns quickly and is a delightful dog on every level. We are very pleased that we chose Puppy Love Labradoodles.

Jaan, May and Lia, Toronto


She is 5 months old, 20 inches tall, 28 pounds and like her namesake, Cleopatra...rules all along the great river Nile (Peace River). She is, as called, the life of the party, and is sooo smart, a feature now glaringly obviously absent in our earlier dogs. She, amongst other things sits, speaks, shakes a paw, down, right turn, left turn, heel, 1/2 roll over, touch nose to bell at door to get out, eskimo greets, barks for water, barks to get out, plays hide and seek, plays find the necklace (collar), and, and, and.

Our son absolutely adores her and she reflects his moods, close when he is sad and hyper when he is hyped up. She puts him to bed every night as part of her night time routine.

She is the star of the office and visits often. She will stay the whole day when no one at home greeting clients and loving it.

Thank you so much for allowing Cleo into our lives — a total improvement.

Lorne and Phyllis – Peace River, Alberta


You'll be happy to know that Cognac is as lovable as she is intelligent. Although still a puppy, she understands perfectly what is expected of her. She adores the kids and plays with my son as soon as he comes back from school: 5 to 10 minutes prior to his arrival, she'll sit and wait at the door... I take her on long daily walks which she loves, rain or shine! It's hard to imagine that Cognac has been in the family for a little less than a year now. She just fits so well in our home.

Friends and neighbours have also come to know her, all of them curious to see what the labradoodle breed is all about.

Jacques Lépine – Gatineau, Quebec


It is difficult to find the words to express the joy I have in my heart for this precious little puppy that has come into my life.

I had moments of doubt about even getting the puppy.knowing full well that they change your lives forever. But I trusted, took the plunge and the rewards have been great.

Brewster came to me from Canada. When I picked him up at the Austin airport, he was a little tentative at first but that didn't last long. By that evening he was lying at my feet while I prepared supper for my granddaughters. He was a typical baby running, jumping, playing, getting into trouble and then collapsing in a heap to sleep. He obviously had been well socialized and loved before he came to me. He loves people and wants to be a part of everything.

By far the smartest dog I have ever had, at 3 months he is already housebroken, knows his name, the words sit, stay, come, toy, command to whiz, and of course "No". He is such a delight and is the talk of our little town. Everyone knows Brewster and is anxious to see the finished product as his coat is changing color daily. We take walks around our small town and he attracts much attention from passers by.

Darice has always been accessible for any and all questions that I have had regarding Brewster. To anyone wanting a special pal/friend/companion in your life that is smart/friendly, non-shedding and pretty darn cute, I whole heartedly recommend a Labradoodle from this breeder. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is true and in the case of these puppies, they are worth every single penny!

Ginny Kennedy – Austin, Texas


Ruff! ruff!

My name is Cooper and my mommy and daddy are soooo proud of me because i am such a good boy and very clever! when i was only 3 months old, i learned how to sit, lie down, play dead, shake one paw and the other, give kisses and even yawn on command!!! my second mommy Andrea tells me all the time that my first mommies Mystic and Darice took such good care of me. Andrea did tons of research before she decided to buy me from Darice to surprise daddy--- she said that Darice always answered her MANY(!) questions as soon as she received them through email and was more than helpful and honest from start to finish! also, my new parents always say that Darice took special care of me at the airport before I flew to Toronto. I know that Darice would only let me and my puppy siblings go to the best homes where we would be loved forever!

I love my new home and my new mom and dad, but I will always remember my wonderful home in Alberta... puppy hugs and kisses to my western family!!!


Andrea, Andrew and Cooper Baise – Toronto, Ontario


Last year we started looking for a dog that would fit in nicely to our small home in Ontario. Someone to keep my better half company while I was on the road working and also not aggravate my allergies while I was home. After some research and talking to Darice we made the decision to go ahead and get on the waiting list. After a few months of built up anticipation I made the journey out to Martin and Darice's lovely home, settled in the country where the dogs are free to run around and play inside or outside. Once I was on my way, the trip home was non eventful as our new puppy, Taz, slept most of the way home.

Once back in Ontario he adjusted quickly and is now enjoying his new home and my allergies have yet to bother me. It's been 2 months and he's full of energy and very smart. He already can sit, shake paw, fetch and he's house trained. Dealing with a breeder from Western Canada was painless and worked out smoothly for us. We couldn't be more delighted and everything they say about Labradoodles is true, they're great.

Darin & Sarah – Burlington, Ontario


When I began to search for a breed I had to keep in mind that my daughter was allergic to dog dander and that the dog we needed was a non-shedding type. It was a long process until I found the Labradoodle breed. I was so excited to hear of such a breed since it was fairly rare. I researched many websites but I just didn\'t feel that my monies were justified. I came upon Puppy Love Labradoodles website and I phoned Darice and I knew she loved what she was doing and was more then happy to have me over to her house to see what a Labradoodle was all about. I instantly fell in love with Frenchie and I told Darice I wanted a puppy exactly like Frenchie. The puppy we recieved was exactly like Frenchie even though there was no relation at all but I swear they can be brother and sister.

Everyone who visits us absolutely falls in love with our "Gracie" and they want to take her home. She is 4 months now and is so smart. You can teach her anything and with a few tries she has it. She never barks even if another dog is barking right at her. We love her so...much. If you want a dog that has a great disposition, friendly with kids and other animals this is definitely the breed you want. The price is worth what your getting...

Linda Fairfield, Cochrane Alberta


We have nothing but good things to say about our experience adopting our Labradoodle puppy (Gus) from Darice. She was very helpful throughout and very interested in matching us with a suitable dog that would fit our family and lifestyle. We visited her home twice while the puppies were little and found the pups being raised and socialized in the middle of a nice family environment. Gus is now almost 6 months old and is a wonderful addition to our family. He is a happy, self confident and determined pup who gets along very well with other dogs and with all the people he's met.

It looks like he's going to grow into the range of 25 to 35 lbs as Darice estimated. Gus is also completely non-shedding which was important to us due to an allergy issue and just because it's nice not to have a house full of hair. We?re happy that we chose a Labradoodle as the breed and Darice as the breeder.

Jim and Pat Norton – British Columbia


I just want to say thankyou Darice and family for providing us we all the answers to our questions during this bizarre process of buying a dog over the web. I was not sure about this labradoodle breed at the start but after 80+ hours of research and talking to Darice many times I am sure she was tired of me calling to ask another question, but during that time I got to know her and her husband and could tell that these people love there dogs as much as there own children and are very concerned that there puppies go to a loving home. What I wanted for a dog was a lab that did not shed and what we got was even better, a dog that has a great personality loves kids and other dogs wants to learn new tricks all the time.

At 4 months Arlo can sit, lie down, roll over, stay, speak, dance on back legs, play dead, give kisses, fetch and brings the ball back to you, and best of all does not shed and is a very healthy and loving dog. So for us buying a dog over the web from puppy love labradoodles has been a great experience and are looking to buy another from Darice and family so thanks again Darice you are a class act we only wish all breeders were like you.

P.S. People who are looking to buy a labradoodle please be careful out there there are a lot trying to say they have multigen labradoodles but they do not. Puppy Love does and they are worth it.

John and Gayle, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


We had the pleasure of dealing with Puppy Love Labradoodles this past spring. From the first contact made with Darice to the present day, she has been very receptive to my many questions about this fascinating breed. She took great pains to help me understand all the F1, F2, F3, A1, A2,etc. lingo.

We are so happy with our new puppy. She is bright, great with the kids and doesn't shed. (Just like the advertisement!)

The only bad part about having a Labradoodle is that they are not recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club so when you get a dog license or anything official, the breed is listed as a Lab/Poodle cross and we all know they are so much more than that!

I would recommend anyone considering Puppy Love Labradoodles to continue with the process. You will not be dissappointed with the care, concern and support that Darice gives to her prospective puppy parents.

We love our Dazzy!

Judy Grendys – Calgary, Alberta


Our experience with Puppy Love Labradoodles has been a very good one. Right from our first call from Darice asking us all kinds of questions about our home life so that she could decide if we were the right people to purchase one of their puppies. Once she had determined that we were suitable candidates we too had questions. We were concerned about the size of the puppy we would get. Darice invited us to her home to check out a puppy that would give us some idea how big it would be at a certain age. There was no hesitation on her behalf and that told us we need not have any worries about the kind of environment our puppy was coming from. We visited the home and were more than happy with the way the puppies were taken care of. They are as said on the web site whelped right in the home.

As of paying our deposit we received constant updates on the Mum and how she was doing. Once the puppies were born we thought Darice and her family went above and beyond anything we expected with constant updates and photo's of the the litter. We trusted Darice and her family to choose the puppy they thought best suited our profile.

We are glad they chose for us and are more than happy with our puppy. Bella is beautiful and very healthy. The local vet we chose for her said she is in excellent health and has a wonderful disposition, he is delighted to have her as a client, no surprise since she comes from such great parents. We have had no problems what so ever with her, she is now 17 weeks old and needed almost no house training and is already taking commands with just a little coaxing.

She is as perfect as a puppy can be. We could not be happier with Darice and her family's professional and caring help. No questions have gone unanswered. We would not hesitate to buy another puppy from them.

Colin and Jill Chadwic – Albertak