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Puppy Loves Coco is Diggin Deep aka Digger


This is our beautiful chocolate standard sized boy. He stands 22" tall and approx 50lbs. He has a gorgeous flowing fleece coat, saber tail, and wonderful temperament to go with his great good looks. Digger is from therapy lines and his personality reflects those wonderful qualities. He is non dominant but friendly and outgoing. He takes visual and audible cues well and is a very quick learner. He has a nice moderate drive and is patient. He has been wonderful with all of our children and is just a wonderful addition to our breeding program. He boasts amazing hip scores and great all around health testing results. We are excited to watch him pass these wonderful qualities on to his offspring and make his contribution to the Australian Labradoodle Community.

Testing Results

Digger - Labradoodle Stud - Puppy Love Labradoodles