OUR DOGS: Studs: Dante

Puppy Loves Un-Dante aka Dante


This is our red headed little bundle of cuddles and fun. His parents are our very own Fina and Idol and he inherited many of their outstanding traits. Dante is extremely attracted people of all shapes and sized. He just loves to meet new people and is always ready for a new adventure.

He is always happy and ready to play. He loves to fetch sticks and balls and absolutely loves water! He is wonderful with our children and has never met another dog that he didn't want to make friends with and play immediately.

Dante has been a quick learner who tries really hard to make his people happy. He loves nothing more then praise from his people and a good cuddle. He is 16" tall and 25lbs.

He has a beautiful fleece coat, is heavily boned with nice square conformation, beautiful head, sabre tail and outgoing temperament.

We look forward to the outstanding puppies that he will produce for us.

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