Breeder, of the true Australian Multi Generational Labradoodle

Labradoodle - About us

Our Labradoodles are located in Southern Alberta Canada just a short drive from Calgary. We raise our dogs on an acreage where they are free to run and play with the children. We have fallen in love with the Australian Labradoodle breed. When we purchased our first Australian Labradoodle we were surprised to find that everything we had been told about this wonderful creature called the Labradoodle was true. They are friendly and fun loving making them wonderful family pet for children as well as adults. They are highly intelligent,easy to train, and intuitive making them great for animal assisted therapy as well as for training to become and Assistance Dog. They will have you wrapped around their little paws before you know it. Not all Labradoodles are created equal though. We breed only the True Labradoodles or the Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles. We do not breed any early cross labradoodles or any labs to poodles as we have found that there is not enough consistency in temperament as well as coat. We like to be able to ensure that all of our puppies will have great personalities combined with fleece or silky soft wool coats that are allergy friendly.

Labradoodles - part of our family


Our Labradoodles are members of our family and have really enriched our lives. We want to bring them- a wonderful family pet and companion to your home. If you have allergies and have previously been unable to enjoy a dog for a pet, our puppies are the perfect choice for you. We only breed pure Australian Labradoodles. Because these are multi generational dogs, they have a much better, hypo allergenic, very little to non shedding coat. Most of the early crosses have a tendency to shed. With multi generational Labradoodles you get the benefit of many years of selective breeding by the breeders that started it all in Australia. In terms of Labradoodles you really do get what you pay for!

We are not a kennel. Our Australian Labradoodles puppies are hand whelped in our home and spent the first 2 weeks of their lives in the Master Bedroom where they and the moms feel the most safe and secure. When they are three weeks old they are moved into the Great Room which is in the very center of our home. From here they can see and hear just about everything that goes on in our home on a day to day basis. We have four children who help to socialize the puppies until they are ready to be adopted and go home with you. Puppies raised in this environment make the best pets because they have been given the best possible start. They will enjoy running with you, swimming with you, they are great at fetch, highly intelligent and easily trained, and when you are all done playing- what the Labradoodles enjoys the most is a nice warm cuddle with you.

Labradoodle - Health Guarantee

All our Labradoodle babies come from parents that are tested free from hip, elbow and eye disorders. We also do full panel of testing on blood, thyroid and heart as well as genetic testing for VonWildebrants disease.

All our dogs are registered with the International Australian Labradoodle Association of America. The health of our dogs is of utmost importance to us. Our puppies come with a vet certificate and a two year health guarantee. Our goal is to protect the wonderful qualities that they are known for while increasing the gene pool and having some really exciting color variations in their coats. We have been able to produce many puppies with what is considered to be "rare" coloring in Labradoodles. We have always been fascinated by some of the interesting color variations that are possible. We have sold many of our puppies to other breeder across North America and Australia because of the quality of our puppies and our breeding program. Explore our website further and enjoy our Labradoodles with us."